Juvenile Review Board (JRB)


The purpose of the Juvenile Review Board (JRB) is to serve as an advocate for youth and to provide an alternative to Juvenile Court for juveniles who have committed minor criminal violations, and to assist youth who have exhibited problems in the home, school, or community.

The goal is to provide a plan for each individual by utilizing community programs, services, and other resources which will effecively deal with that particular incident, will assist in positive asset development, and encourage responsible behavior.  The board believes in a restorative practices approach, using a strategy that seeks to repair relationships that have been damaged and to repair any harm that may have been caused to the youth, their family, the community, and, in some cases, a victim.  The entire process is confidential. After successful completion of the JRB process, there will be no juvenile record.

The board is comprised of community members who are trained professionals who work with youth.  Referrals to the JRB can be made by police, school, Juvenile Court, and parents.  Any questions regarding appropriateness as a JRB referral should be directed to LYSB’s Executive Director Mary Seidner mseidner@lysb.org


A juvenile referred to the local JRB must meet the following criteria:

  • minor crime violation, or school rules/truancy violation
  • first time violation (or granted permission to return to JRB)
  • accept total responsibility for the offense