Gearing Up for Middle School

A Special Evening for 5th Graders & Their Parents
AT LYME SCHOOL: Thursday, May 9, 6:00 p.m.
AT MILE CREEK SCHOOL: Tuesday, May 14, 6:00 p.m.

Hosted by LYSB and our High School Youth Leaders

You and your 5th grader are invited to an important event “Gearing Up for Middle School”!

In early May, LYSB staff and school health teachers will be meeting all 5th graders to talk about substance abuse prevention and introduce them to positive skills to be healthy and safe by staying alcohol and drug free.

As part of this early prevention plan, we are asking you to partner with us and participate in a fun evening with your 5th grader.   “Gearing Up for Middle School”  is a hands-on evening designed to encourage conversation, address excitement/fears around moving up to 6th grade, and facilitate early prevention strategies for youth and families.   Research tells us that talking early and often about risky behavior is extremely important now, and as children continue to grow through Middle and High School.

Our data consistently shows that parents/caregivers are the #1 influence in their kids’ lives affecting their decisions to refrain from using substances!   Every two years, LYSB partners with the Lyme-Old Lyme Schools to survey youth in grades 6-12 about substance use, behaviors, and protective factors in making positive choices.  The results from our most recent survey (2023) show that LOL youth report the average age of first use of alcohol at 13.0 and marijuana 13.5.  Data also showed a substantial decline in students’ perceived harm of youth alcohol and marijuana use, along with only 50% of students in 6-12th grade reporting that their families have clear rules discouraging drug and alcohol use.  These results encourage LYSB and the Lyme-Old Lyme Prevention Coalition to support young families even further.

We know these conversations can be hard and we’re here to help.  Please join us for a fun night!  Pizza will be provided, and childcare is available if needed with advance registration.

Hope to see you there!