Empowering Youth
for a Better Future

The Lymes' Youth Service Bureau, a private, non profit agency, is dedicated to promoting the positive development of children and families in Lyme and Old Lyme.

Youth Getting
Involved in Their Community

At the LYSB we work with children and young adults. We give them a place to feel like themselves, to feel comfortable, and enjoy themselves.

Community Action for Substance
Free Youth

The mission of CASFY is to prevent and reduce alcohol and other drug use among youth.

Early Childhood Programs

At LYSB's playgroups and early childhood programs, parents will find support, learn from each other, and share ideas. The parent-child relationship is strengthened through planned activities and playtime.

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Our Town Playgroup
>October 25, 10am

Mother Daughter Workshop
>October 25, 6 pm

Drug Take Back
>October 27, 10-2
@ OL Fire House

Dedication & Celebration
of the
Jonathan Glenn Court
>October 27, 2-4

Hidden in Plain Sight
>October, 29, 7pm

Halloween Party
>October 31, 5-6pm

Costume Parade
OL Fire House
>October 31, 6:15 pm