Alcohol Resources

Underage Drinking is a real concern for youth in Lyme/Old Lyme. Our youth report alcohol use with numbers rising from 9th grade and continuing to rise through 12th grade. Perception of harm and access to alcohol continue to be identified risk factors. Many parents don’t supply alcohol to teenagers, but some continue to allow parties and supply alcohol. Binge drinking, social host law, and role modeling are concerns for our community.

Awareness around underage drinking is critical.


Vaping and E-cigarette use has been on the rise in the United States and L/OL is no different. Students report vaping as early as middle school and it is often found to be a gateway to other drugs and alcohol. The nicotine in ONE JUUL POD is equal to approximately 20 cigarettes.

Our Prevention Coordinator is available to provide education to youth and families around vaping and early cessation to help break the addiction early. 


Student Survey Results/Grant Updates

The LOLPC collaborates with LOLMS and LOLHS every two years to survey students about their substance use, norms, and beliefs.   This data is extremely helpful in determining the work of the LOLPC and how to best support youth and families in our community.   Please find full reports here.


2017 Survey Results


2019 Survey Results


2022 Survey Results

2022 Survey Power Point Presentation

Mental Health

Research and science tells us that substance abuse disorders are very often associated with mental health disorders and times of distress, stress, and struggle. Please reach out to your school counselor, physician, private therapists, or other trusted support and/or professional to find services for your child and family.