The Bizz

Date TBA

• Include all names and ages of performers in your email.
• All submissions must be under 2 minutes in length.
• All submissions must be shot in landscape mode with good lighting and sound (LYSB will be in touch if your video does not meet these criteria). You may be asked to re-film.
• Depending on the number of submissions, LYSB reserves the right to edit video to make them shorter in length.
• Group acts are encouraged, but please be respectful of social distancing.  Be creative with editing.
• No lip synching.
• All acts must have lyrics that are appropriate for a family audience.
• One act per person.  You CANNOT participate in more than one act.
• If you have questions or comments, contact Missy Garvin prior to sending your video (email: lysb@lysb.org)








* Auditions are by appointment. Book online or call 860-434-7208 x0
* All acts must be NO longer than four minutes.  Shorter is better.
* One audition per person. You CANNOT participate in more than one act.
* All music must have lyrics that are acceptable for a family audience.
* Solo performances will be accepted but group acts are strongly encouraged.
* All members of a group act must be present to audition together.
* Bands must provide their own equipment and amps.
* Piano and microphones can be supplied by LYSB.
* Personal CDs or iPods may be used with the LYSB sound system.  
* Due to the large number of auditions, only about half will make it into the Bizz.
* Everyone who auditions is offered the opportunity to perform in the opening act.
* Do you have any questions or special needs?  Call us BEFORE your audition to discuss.