Family Johnnycake Challenge

Cook up some history with LYSB this summer!
July 15 to July 29 at your own speed

Johnnycakes, (or Jonnycakes, or Hoecakes) have almost as many names as there are different ways to eat them.  Each family will have two weeks between July 15th and 29th to create the LYSB Family Johnnycake Food Challenge in your own home and send photos of your masterpiece to

We encourage chefs of all ages to join in the family fun. Most ingredients for this recipe will be found in your pantry and it can easily be adjusted to be gluten free. We have variations for the “Challenge” ingredients and encourage you to be creative. If you need help acquiring ingredients, please let us know. We are ready to help.  For the littlest chefs: stay tuned for a special Book Sharing from LYSB for our tiny chefs. You will enjoy the online reading of, “Johnny Cake and Henya the Hen: Friendship Tale”.

This cornmeal griddle cake originated with Native American people and is especially associated with the Narragansett tribe of Rhode Island. It was quickly adopted by English settlers and became popular up and down the East Coast. Johnnycakes were the perfect breakfast for a New England farmer served with butter and maple syrup, and they worked just as well under a Southern dinner of greens and black-eyed peas. The recipe has evolved in the past 300 years or so, but versions of johnnycake can still be enjoyed from Maine to Florida.

Our Johnnycake recipe can be adapted for sweet or savory toppings and mix-ins. We’ve included some ideas, but your imagination is the limit!  Special thanks to LYSB’s guest chef Jillian Simms for her help with this project.
Email your pics to

For LYSB’s Johnnycake recipe CLICK HERE. 

For LYSB’s Johnnycake how to video with chef Jillian Simms CLICK HERE