Parenting Education Program

LYSB is an approved provider of the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch’s mandated Parenting Education Program. 
Parents involved in divorce, separation, and custody issues are required to take this 6 hour course.   LYSB has been providing the PEP classes since 1999, and our facilitators have strong backgrounds in counseling, mediation, and family therapy.

To Pre-Register Online CLICK HERE.  Please note your registration is NOT confirmed until you speak with us.  You can easily register over the phone 860-434-7208 x0.  We are happy to answer any of your questions about the Parenting Education class.  Our staff will provide you with support and resources as you navigate through this difficult time for you and your family.   All inquiries are confidential.   

Payment of $150 is due at the first class. 

Upcoming PEP Dates:

Saturday, December 9, 2017
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (hour break for lunch)
Location:  Lymes’ Youth Service Bureau, 59 Lyme Street, Old Lyme, CT
Note: this program will not be cancelled due to snow.  Last minute registrations will be accepted at the class.  

Saturday, January 20, 2018
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (hour break for lunch)
Location:  Lymes’ Youth Service Bureau, 59 Lyme Street, Old Lyme, CT


Call for future dates.

What to Bring to Class?

  • Bring your FORM (Parenting Education Program – Order, Certificate and Results Form JD-FM-149).  If you don’t have the form, we have extras at the class, or they are available  at Judicial District Clerks’ Offices, Court Service Centers and on the Judicial Branch website. Your lawyer may also have the form.
  • Your DOCKET NUMBER.  This is a number the courts have assigned to your case.  The Docket Number should be written on your form (see above) 
  • PAYMENT for the class of $150.  We accept checks and cash only (no credit cards).  If your fee has been waived by the courts, you must bring court proof of the waiver which is SIGNED.  Call us in advance if you have any questions about payment or waivers.
  • If your class is on a Saturday, you may want to bring your lunch.  We have a refrigerator and microwave available.  Or there are a few places nearby to purchase lunch during the hour break.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take the class at a location in my Court District?  No. You can take the class at any of the locations statewide.
Can I take this class online?  No. The courts will not approve any online parenting education courses as a substitute for this program. 
Is there a test at the end of the class?  There are no tests.  You will have successfully completed the course after attending all six hours.
What if I can’t find my form?  We have extras.  Or you can print one out in advance from the Judicial Branch website.
Do I have to take the class with my spouse/partner?  No.  You are not required to take this class with or without your spouse/partner.  In fact, if you wish that someone NOT be in the same class with you, please let us know and we will honor your request.  If you wish to be together in the same class, that is fine too.
I am in a domestic violence situation and do not want my spouse in my class.  Is that okay?  Absolutely, we will honor your request.  Your safety and well being is important to us.
How can I prove to the courts that I took the class?  The facilitator will sign your form and indicate that you successfully completed the class.  You will receive a copy of this form, and we will also mail a copy to the courts. 

Call LYSB to register at (860) 434-7208 x0.  To Pre-register online CLICK HERE.  Your registration is NOT confirmed until you speak with us.